Scalable and dynamic quorum systems

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Scalable and dynamic quorum systems
We investigate issues related to the probe complexity of quorum systems and their implementation in a dynamic environment. Our contribution is twofold. The first regards the algorithmic complexity of finding a quorum in case of random failures. We show a tradeoff between the load of a quorum system and its probe complexity for non adaptive algorithms. We analyze the algorithmic probe complexity of the Paths quorum system suggested by Naor and Wool in [28], and present two optimal algorithms. The first is a non adaptive algorithm that matches our lower bound. The second is an adaptive algorithm with a probe complexity that is linear in the cardinality of the smallest quorum set. We supply a constant degree network in which these algorithms could be executed efficiently. Thus the Paths quorum system is shown to have good balance between many measures of quality. Our second contribution is presenting Dynamic Paths - a suggestion for a dynamic and scalable quorum system, which can ope...
Moni Naor, Udi Wieder
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where PODC
Authors Moni Naor, Udi Wieder
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