A Dynamic Multithreading Processor

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A Dynamic Multithreading Processor
We present an architecture that features dynamic multithreading execution of a single program. Threads are created automatically by hardware at procedure and loop boundaries and executed speculatively on a simultaneous multithreading pipeline. Data prediction is used to alleviate dependency constraints and enable lookahead execution of the threads. A two-level hierarchy significantly enlarges the instruction window. Efficient selective recovery from the second level instruction window takes place after a mispredicted input to a thread is corrected. The second level is slower to access but has the advantage of large storage capacity. We show several advantages of this architecture: (1) it minimizes the impact of ICache misses and branch mispredictions by fetching and dispatching instructions out-of-order, (2) it uses a novel value prediction and recovery mechanism to reduce artificial data dependencies created by the use of a stack to manage run-time storage, and (3) it improves the ex...
Haitham Akkary, Michael A. Driscoll
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Haitham Akkary, Michael A. Driscoll
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