Fan-out: measuring human control of multiple robots

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Fan-out: measuring human control of multiple robots
A goal of human-robot interaction is to allow one user to operate multiple robots simultaneously. In such a scenario the robots provide leverage to the user's attention. The number of such robots that can be operated is called the fan-out of a human-robot team. Robots that have high neglect tolerance and lower interaction time will achieve higher fan-out. We define an equation that relates fan-out to a robot's activity time and its interaction time. We describe how to measure activity time and fan-out. We then use the fan-out equation to compute interaction effort. We can use this interaction effort as a measure of the effectiveness of a human-robot interaction design. We describe experiments that validate the fan-out equation and its use as a metric for improving human-robot interaction. Author Keywords Human-robot interaction, multiple robots, fan-out ACM Classification Keywords H5.2 ? User Interfaces, I2.9 - Robotics
Dan R. Olsen, Stephen Bart Wood
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Dan R. Olsen, Stephen Bart Wood
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