Genetic Map Construction with Constraints

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Genetic Map Construction with Constraints
Apilot program,CME,is describedfor generatinga physical genetic mapfromhybridization fingerprintingdata. CMEis implementedin the parallel constraint logic programming language ElipSys. The features of constraint logic programmingare used to enable the integration of preexisting mappinginformation (partial probe orders from cytogeneticmapsandlocal physical maps)into the global mapgenerationprocess,whileparallelismenablesthe search spaceto be traversedmoreefficiently. CMEwastested using data from chromosome2 of Schizosaccharomycespombeand wasfoundable to generatemapsas well as (and sometimes better than)a moretraditional method.Thispaperillustrates the practical benefits of usinga symboliclogic programming languageandshowsthat the features of constraint handling and parallel executionbring the developmentof practical systemsbased on AI programmingtechnologies nearer to beinga reality.
Dominic A. Clark, Christopher J. Rawlings, Sylvie
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where ISMB
Authors Dominic A. Clark, Christopher J. Rawlings, Sylvie Doursenot
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