Gentropy: evolving 2D textures

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Gentropy: evolving 2D textures
Gentropy is a genetic programming system that evolves two-dimensional procedural textures. It synthesizes textures by combining mathematical and image manipulation functions into formulas. A formula can be reevaluated with arbitrary texture-space coordinates, to generate a new portion of the texture in texture space. Most evolutionary art programs are interactive, and require the user to repeatedly choose the best images from a displayed generation. Gentropy uses an unsupervised approach, where one or more target texture image are supplied to the system, and represent the desired texture features, such as colour, shape and smoothness (contrast). Then, Gentropy evolves textures independent of any further user involvement. The evolved texture will not be identical to the target texture, but rather, will exhibit characteristics similar to it. When more than one texture is supplied as a target, multiobjective feature analysis is performed. These feature tests may be combined and given dif...
Andrea L. Wiens, Brian J. Ross
Added 17 Dec 2010
Updated 17 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where CG
Authors Andrea L. Wiens, Brian J. Ross
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