Haptic sculpting of dynamic surfaces

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Haptic sculpting of dynamic surfaces
Conventional free-form surface design usually require tedious control-point manipulation and/or painstaking constraint specification via unnatural mouse-based interfaces. This paper presents a novel haptic approach for the direct manipulation of physics-based B-spline surfaces. Our method permits users to interactively sculpt virtual yet real material with a standard haptic device, and feel the physically realistic presence of virtual B-spline objects with force feedback throughout the design process. We aim to develop various haptic sculpting tools to expedite the direct manipulation of B-spline surfaces with haptic feedback and constraints. One significant contribution of this paper is that point, normal, and curvature constraints can be specified interactively and modified naturally using forces. We propose and formulate a dual representation for Bspline surfaces in both physicaland mathematicalspace. This massspring model is mathematically constrained by the B-spline surface th...
Frank Dachille, Hong Qin, Arie E. Kaufman, Jihad E
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where SI3D
Authors Frank Dachille, Hong Qin, Arie E. Kaufman, Jihad El-Sana
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