/hide: The aesthetics of group and solo play

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/hide: The aesthetics of group and solo play
In this essay, I examine differences between individual and social play and, in particular, the differences between individual and social play within digital media forms designed to promote both: massively multi-player online computer games (MMOGs). The analysis considers in most depth differences between group and solo play within the NCSoft’s and Cryptic Studios’ MMOG, City of Heroes. Based on over 1000 hours of play within City of Heroes, observation of online forums and other texts devoted to social activities within City of Heroes, and conversations with City of Heroes players inside and outside of the game context, the essay describes an antithetical relationship between group and solo computer game play. Conclusions present a semiotic model of play in which game designs promoting social play are ineffective in significantly altering individual play forms and functions. Keywords animal play, cognitive play, grief play, play aesthetics, play taxonomy, semiotics, social play A...
David Myers
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Year 2005
Authors David Myers
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