High Fidelity Multi Finger Haptic Display

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High Fidelity Multi Finger Haptic Display
The Fingertip Haptic Display (FHD) is a five bar mechanism developed at the University of Washington for haptic interaction with the fingertip of the operator. The twodegree-of-freedom mechanism was computer optimized to accommodate the workspace of the human finger in flexion/extension with a high degree of kinematic isotropy. Direct drive with frictionless flat-coil actuators ensure low torque ripple, inertia, and static friction in the actuation system for high fidelity haptic rendering. This paper describes a redesign of the position sensing arrangement, I/O hardware and software as well as thermal modelling to improve performance and stack four devices for use with index, middle, ring and little finger in a multifinger haptic display. Promising applications are expected to include palpation training for medical personnel, museum displays enabling the visitor to “touch” art, as well as psychophysics research: exploring the limits of human touch perception.
Rainer Leuschke, Elizabeth K. T. Kurihara, Jesse D
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Rainer Leuschke, Elizabeth K. T. Kurihara, Jesse Dosher, Blake Hannaford
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