Iamascope: a graphical musical instrument

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Iamascope: a graphical musical instrument
The Iamascope is an interactive, electronic kaleidoscope. The Iamascope combines computer video, graphics, vision, and audio technology for performers to create striking imagery and sound with this aesthetically uplifting interactive device. In the installation, the user takes the place of a colourful piece of oating glass inside the kaleidoscope, and simultaneously views a kaleidoscopic image of themselves on a huge screen in real time. By applying image processing to the kaleidoscopic image, users' body movements also directly control music in a beautiful dance of symmetry with the image. The image processing uses simple intensity dierences over time which are calculated in real-time. The responsive nature of the whole system allows users to have an intimate, engaging, satisfying, multimedia experience.
Sidney Fels, Kenji Mase
Added 22 Dec 2010
Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CG
Authors Sidney Fels, Kenji Mase
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