Image Based Localization in Urban Environments

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Image Based Localization in Urban Environments
In this paper we present a prototype system for image based localization in urban environments. Given a database of views of city street scenes tagged by GPS locations, the system computes the GPS location of a novel query view. We first use a wide-baseline matching technique based on SIFT features to select the closest views in the database. Often due to a large change of viewpoint and presence of repetitive structures, a large percentage of matches (> 50%) are not correct correspondences. The subsequent motion estimation between the query view and the reference view, is then handled by a novel and efficient robust estimation technique capable of dealing with large percentage of outliers. This stage is also accompanied by a model selection step among the fundamental matrix and the homography. Once the motion between the closest reference views is estimated, the location of the query view is then obtained by triangulation of translation directions. Approximate solutions for cases...
Wei Zhang, Jana Kosecka
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where 3DPVT
Authors Wei Zhang, Jana Kosecka
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