Integrating Reliable Memory in Databases

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Integrating Reliable Memory in Databases
Abstract. Recent results in the Rio project at the University of Michigan show that it is possible to create an area of main memory that is as safe as disk from operating system crashes. This paper explores how to integrate the reliable memory provided by the Rio file cache into a database system. Prior studies have analyzed the performance benefits of reliable memory; we focus instead on how different designs affect reliability. We propose three designs for integrating reliable memory into databases: non-persistent database buffer cache, persistent database buffer cache, and persistent database buffer cache with protection. Non-persistent buffer caches use an I/O interface to reliable memory and require the fewest modifications to existing databases. However, they waste memory capacity and bandwidth due to double buffering. Persistent buffer caches use a memory interface to reliable memory by mapping it into the database address space. This places reliable memory under complete dat...
Wee Teck Ng, Peter M. Chen
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where VLDB
Authors Wee Teck Ng, Peter M. Chen
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