Intelligent compliant motion control

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Intelligent compliant motion control
—The role of a compliant motion scheme is to control a robot manipulator in contact with its environment. By accommodating with the interaction force, the manipulator can be used to accomplish tasks that involve constrained motions. This paper presents a new work on the compliant motion control for position-controlled manipulator. A new method for achieving efficient interaction between the manipulator and its environment is developed. The interaction force is reduced using a quadratic cost function. In this method, the compliance is formulated as function of the interaction force. An adaptive element is used to update the compliance. The stability of the system is investigated using the Lyapunov approach. Experiments are conducted in our laboratory to demonstrate the use of such scheme.
Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Yuan F. Zheng
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1998
Where TSMC
Authors Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Yuan F. Zheng
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