Knowledge Management in the Communities of Practice of e-Learning

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Knowledge Management in the Communities of Practice of e-Learning
Abstract. A lot of research has been done to promote and develop good elearning models, practices, and technological environments. However, fewer efforts were deployed to support e-learning practitioners in performing their job on a day to day basis. There is a need to facilitate communication, collaboration, and coordination amongst e-learning community members. A strategic approach is to solve the problem of capitalization of techno-pedagogic knowledge, tacit and explicit, in the domain of e-learning within the framework of an online community of practice of e-learning (CoPE). The present thesis attempts to solve this problem by creating an individual memory and organizational memory for resources, information, and knowledge that need to be made available to the community members along with an ontology representing a uniform vocabulary for the CoPE. This work will contribute to scientific knowledge support by creating common framework for e-learning practitioners and proposing a new ...
Akila Sarirete
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Year 2008
Authors Akila Sarirete
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