Level set surface editing operators

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Level set surface editing operators
We present a level set framework for implementing editing operators for surfaces. Level set models are deformable implicit surfaces where the deformation of the surface is controlled by a speed function in the level set partial differential equation. In this paper we define a collection of speed functions that produce a set of surface editing operators. The speed functions describe the velocity at each point on the evolving surface in the direction of the surface normal. All of the information needed to deform a surface is encapsulated in the speed function, providing a simple, unified computational framework. The user combines pre-defined building blocks to create the desired speed function. The surface editing operators are quickly computed and may be applied both regionally and globally. The level set framework offers several advantages. 1) By construction, self-intersection cannot occur, which guarantees the generation of physically-realizable, simple, closed surfaces. 2) Level se...
Ken Museth, David E. Breen, Ross T. Whitaker, Alan
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where TOG
Authors Ken Museth, David E. Breen, Ross T. Whitaker, Alan H. Barr
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