Life Science Grid Middleware in a More Dynamic Environment

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Life Science Grid Middleware in a More Dynamic Environment
This paper proposes a model for integrating a higher level Semantic Grid Middleware with Web Service Resource Framework (WSRF) that extends the prototype presented in [1] informed by issues that were identified in our early experiments with the prototype. WSRF defines generic and open framework for modeling and accessing stateful resources using Web Services and Web Service Notification standardizing publish/subscribe notification for Web Services. In particular we focus on using WSRF to support data integration, workflow enactment and notification management in the leading EPSRC e-Science pilot project. We report on our experience from the implementation of our proposed model and argue that our model converges with peer-to-peer technology in a promising way forward towards enabling Semantic Grid Middleware in mobile ad-hoc networks environments.
Milena Radenkovic, Bartosz Wietrzyk
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Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where OTM
Authors Milena Radenkovic, Bartosz Wietrzyk
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