Light field rendering with omni-directional camera

9 years 12 months ago
Light field rendering with omni-directional camera
This paper presents an approach to capture visual appearance of a real environment such as an interior of a room. We propose the method for generating arbitrary viewpoint images by building light eld with the omni-directional camera, which can capture the wide circumferences. Omni-directional camera used in this technique is a special camera with the hyperbolic mirror in the upper part of a camera, so that we can capture luminosity in the environment in the range of 360 degree of circumferences in one image. We apply the light eld method, which is one technique of Image-Based-Rendering(IBR), for generating the arbitrary viewpoint images. The light eld is a kind of the database that records the luminosity information in the object space. We employ the omni-directional camera for constructing the light eld, so that we can collect many view direction images in the light eld. Thus our method allows the user to explore the wide scene, that can acheive realistic representation of virtu...
Hiroshi Todoroki, Hideo Saito
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Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VCIP
Authors Hiroshi Todoroki, Hideo Saito
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