Low energy security optimization in embedded cryptographic systems

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Low energy security optimization in embedded cryptographic systems
Future embedded and wireless devices will be increasingly powerful supporting many applications including one of the most crucial, security. Although many wireless and embedded devices offer more resistance to bus probing attacks due to their compact size, susceptibility to power/electromagnetic attacks must be analyzed. This paper presents optimized synthesis of new low energy masking countermeasures into cryptographic software. In particular a model for key masking with the objective of minimizing energy overhead is presented. Experimental results using real power measurements are shown to support up to 2.5 energy overhead savings and improved security compared to previous research. With the emergence of security applications in PDAs, cell phones, line card accelerators, etc, optimizing low energy countermeasures for resistance to power/ electromagnetic attacks is crucial for supporting future secure embedded devices. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.3 [Special Purpose and Appli...
Catherine H. Gebotys
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Catherine H. Gebotys
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