MiMiR - an integrated platform for microarray data sharing, mining and analysis

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MiMiR - an integrated platform for microarray data sharing, mining and analysis
Background: Despite considerable efforts within the microarray community for standardising data format, content and description, microarray technologies present major challenges in managing, sharing, analysing and re-using the large amount of data generated locally or internationally. Additionally, it is recognised that inconsistent and low quality experimental annotation in public data repositories significantly compromises the re-use of microarray data for meta-analysis. MiMiR, the Microarray data Mining Resource was designed to tackle some of these limitations and challenges. Here we present new software components and enhancements to the original infrastructure that increase accessibility, utility and opportunities for large scale mining of experimental and clinical data. Results: A user friendly Online Annotation Tool allows researchers to submit detailed experimental information via the web at the time of data generation rather than at the time of publication. This ensures the e...
Chris Tomlinson, Manjula Thimma, Stelios Alexandra
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Chris Tomlinson, Manjula Thimma, Stelios Alexandrakis, Tito Castillo, Jayne L. Dennis, Anthony Brooks, Thomas Bradley, Carly Turnbull, Ekaterini Blaveri, Geraint Barton, Norie Chiba, Klio Maratou, Pat Soutter, Timothy J. Aitman, Laurence Game
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