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108views more  TCBB 2010»
11 years 1 months ago
Identification of Full and Partial Class Relevant Genes
Multiclass cancer classification on microarray data has provided the feasibility of cancer diagnosis across all of the common malignancies in parallel. Using multiclass cancer feat...
Zexuan Zhu, Yew-Soon Ong, Jacek M. Zurada
161views more  JMLR 2010»
11 years 1 months ago
Accuracy-Rejection Curves (ARCs) for Comparing Classification Methods with a Reject Option
Data extracted from microarrays are now considered an important source of knowledge about various diseases. Several studies based on microarray data and the use of receiver operat...
Malik Sajjad Ahmed Nadeem, Jean-Daniel Zucker, Bla...
132views more  EJASP 2010»
11 years 1 months ago
Uncovering Transcriptional Regulatory Networks by Sparse Bayesian Factor Model
The problem of uncovering transcriptional regulation by transcription factors (TFs) based on microarray data is considered. A novel Bayesian sparse correlated rectified factor mod...
Jia Meng, Jianqiu Zhang, Yuan (Alan) Qi, Yidong Ch...
11 years 1 months ago
A novel approach to the clustering of microarray data via nonparametric density estimation
Background: Cluster analysis is a crucial tool in several biological and medical studies dealing with microarray data. Such studies pose challenging statistical problems due to di...
Riccardo De Bin, Davide Risso
11 years 1 months ago
Multivariate analysis of microarray data: differential expression and differential connection
Background: Typical analysis of microarray data ignores the correlation between gene expression values. In this paper we present a model for microarray data which specifically all...
Harri T. Kiiveri
108views more  BMCBI 2010»
11 years 1 months ago
Preferred analysis methods for Affymetrix GeneChips. II. An expanded, balanced, wholly-defined spike-in dataset
Background: Concomitant with the rise in the popularity of DNA microarrays has been a surge of proposed methods for the analysis of microarray data. Fully controlled "spike-i...
Qianqian Zhu, Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski, Marc S. Ha...
170views Database» more  ACIIDS 2010»
11 years 4 months ago
On the Effectiveness of Gene Selection for Microarray Classification Methods
Microarray data usually contains a high level of noisy gene data, the noisy gene data include incorrect, noise and irrelevant genes. Before Microarray data classification takes pla...
Zhongwei Zhang, Jiuyong Li, Hong Hu, Hong Zhou
97views more  NAR 2007»
11 years 6 months ago
Gene Aging Nexus: a web database and data mining platform for microarray data on aging
The recent development of microarray technology provided unprecedented opportunities to understand the genetic basis of aging. So far, many microarray studies have addressed aging...
Fei Pan, Chi-Hsien Chiu, Sudip Pulapura, Michael R...
93views more  JCB 2002»
11 years 6 months ago
Unfolding of Microarray Data
The use of DNA microarrays for the analysis of complex biological samples is becoming a mainstream part of biomedical research. One of the most commonly used methods compares the ...
Andrew B. Goryachev, Pascale F. Macgregor, Aled M....
126views Bioinformatics» more  JBI 2002»
11 years 6 months ago
Characteristic attributes in cancer microarrays
Rapid advances in genome sequencing and gene expression microarray technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities to identify specific genes involved in complex biological...
Indra Neil Sarkar, Paul J. Planet, T. E. Bael, S. ...