Modeling and Rendering of Real Environments

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Modeling and Rendering of Real Environments
The use of detailed geometric models is a critical factor for achieving realism in most computer graphics applications. In the past few years, we have observed an increasing demand for faithful representations of real scenes, primarily driven by applications whose goal is to create extremely realistic experiences by building virtual replicas of real environments. Potential uses of this technology include entertainment, training and simulation, special effects, forensic analysis, and remote walkthroughs. Creating models of real scenes is, however, a complex task for which the use of traditional modeling techniques is inappropriate. Aiming to simplify the modeling and rendering tasks, several image-based techniques have been proposed in recent years. Among these, the combined use of laser rangefinders and color images appears as one the most promising approaches due to its relative independence of the sampled geometry and short acquisition time. Renderings of scenes modeled with such a ...
Wagner Toledo Corrêa, Manuel M. Oliveira, Cl
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Where RITA
Authors Wagner Toledo Corrêa, Manuel M. Oliveira, Cláudio T. Silva, Jianning Wang
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