Multimedia Case Studies: Development and Use in Management Education

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Multimedia Case Studies: Development and Use in Management Education
- The paper discusses the role of multimedia case studies in management education basing on direct experiences derived from an on going E.U. project. Literature has analysed in depth the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education [Angehern, Thierry, 1996; Jonassen, 1993, Leidner, Jarvenpaa, 1995], mainly emphasising their positive or negative effects [Bowers, 1988, Van Baalen, 1999]. However few has been written about multimedia case studies and still few cases are on the market, because of both the development costs (in financial and time terms) and the immaturity of the demand. Sponsored by the European Commission, the consortium Busines-Linc1 has the development of 18 multimedia case studies as main objective. Pre-requisite for the case design and development was the analysis of literature about teaching and ICT in order to define a theoretical framework for multimedia case development. One key assumption leading the project is consistentwith the so called...
Paola Bielli, Stefano Basaglia
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Year 2000
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Authors Paola Bielli, Stefano Basaglia
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