A New Approach to Pipeline FFT Processor

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A New Approach to Pipeline FFT Processor
A new VLSI architecture for real-time pipeline FFT processor is proposed. A hardware oriented radix-22 algorithm is derived by integrating a twiddle factor decomposition technique in the divide and conquer approach. Radix-22 algorithm has the same multiplicative complexity as radix-4 algorithm, but retains the butterfly structure of radix-2 algorithm. The single-path delay-feedback architecture is used to exploit the spatial regularity in signal flow graph of the algorithm. For length-N DFT computation, the hardwarerequirementof the proposed architecture is minimal on both dominant components: log4 N 1 complex multipliers and N 1 complex data memory. The validity and efficiency of the architecture have been verified by simulation in hardware description language VHDL.
Shousheng He, Mats Torkelson
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Where IPPS
Authors Shousheng He, Mats Torkelson
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