The Nip and the Bite

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The Nip and the Bite
An examination of the contributions that can be made by the field of non-mechanistic cybernetics (as elaborated by Gregory Bateson and Anthony Wilden) to a theory of videogames that views them as complex open systems in dynamic relation to players. Bateson, observing animal play, suggests that the playful nip has a complex relation to the earnest bite. This paper contends that the relation of player, avatar and game constitutes a similar system and that Wilden’s development of the theory of play has great potential for the study of videogames. Keywords cybernetics, Bateson, Wilden, multifinality, open systems, feedback, complexity “Digital to analog. Everything was digital in the past up until today, but maybe this analog aspect should be more recognized, much more. Also as I explained earlier, not the set, not the fake thing anymore, the real world. If we think in that way, I think we could see the next step in games.” - Hideo Kojima, interview with Gamespot In his essay Intell...
Darshana Jayemanne
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Year 2005
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