Progressive Forest Split Compression

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Progressive Forest Split Compression
In this paper we introduce the Progressive Forest Split (PFS) representation, a new adaptive refinement scheme for storing and transmitting manifold triangular meshes in progressive and highly compressedform. As in the ProgressiveMesh (PM) method of Hoppe, a triangular mesh is represented as a low resolution polygonal model followed by a sequence of refinement operations, each one specifying how to add triangles and vertices to the previous level of detail to obtain a new level. The PFS format shares with PM and other refinement schemes the ability to smoothly interpolate between consecutive levels of detail. However, it achieves much higher compressionratios than PM by using a more complex refinement operation which can, at the expense of reduced granularity, be encoded more efficiently. A forest split operation doubling the number n of triangles of a mesh requires a maximum of approximately 3:5n bits to represent the connectivity changes, as opposed to approximately 5+log2n...
Gabriel Taubin, André Guéziec, Willi
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Gabriel Taubin, André Guéziec, William Horn, Francis Lazarus
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