Quality of service for multicasting using NICE

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Quality of service for multicasting using NICE
To distribute data from one sender to multiple receivers efficiently and concurrently, multicasting is one of the most appropriate mechanisms. Application Layer Multicast (ALM), often also referred to as Overlay Multicast, has been introduced to overcome the limitations of IP Multicast. The OM-QoS (Quality of Service for Overlay Multicast) framework aims to enable QoS for different ALM protocols. We applied the OM-QoS mechanisms to the Overlay Multicast protocol NICE and performed evaluations in QoS environments using resource reservations and measurement based QoS. Our evaluations show that we can support the QoS requirements of all paths in the multicast tree, while introducing an acceptable overhead in terms of delay. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.2 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network Protocols; C.2.4 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Distributed Systems; C.4 [Computer Systems Organization]: Performance of Systems General Terms Design, Experimentation, Measurement...
Marc Brogle, Sebastian Barthlomé, Torsten B
Added 17 May 2010
Updated 17 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
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Authors Marc Brogle, Sebastian Barthlomé, Torsten Braun
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