Real-Time Rendering of Densely Populated Urban Environments

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Real-Time Rendering of Densely Populated Urban Environments
Abstract. In this paper we present some preliminary results concerning a realtime visualisation system for densely populated urban environments. In order to be able to render the large number of humans without compromising too much the image quality, we developeda method basedon Image-Based Rendering techniques. To allow them to move freely in the city while avoiding collisions against the environment and other humans, we developed a simplified collision test that makes use of the graphics hardware to quickly generate a discretization of the environment. Although our research is at an early stage, the results are already quite promising; we are able to render in real-time a virtual city with thousandsof walking humans on a standard PC. Several avenuesfor further investigation are finally proposed.
Franco Tecchia, Yiorgos Chrysanthou
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where RT
Authors Franco Tecchia, Yiorgos Chrysanthou
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