RENO - A Rename-Based Instruction Optimizer

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RENO - A Rename-Based Instruction Optimizer
RENO is a modified MIPS R10000 register renamer that uses map-table “short-circuiting” to implement dynamic versions of several well-known static optimizations: move elimination, common subexpression elimination, register allocation, and constant folding. Because it implements these optimizations dynamically, RENO can apply optimizations in certain situations where static compilers cannot. Several of RENO’s component optimizations have been previously proposed as independent mechanisms. Unified renaming [13] implements dynamic move elimination and speculative memory bypassing [19] (the dynamic counterpart of register allocation). Register integration [21] implements commonsubexpression elimination and speculative memory bypassing. RENO unifies these mechanisms and adds a dynamic version of constant folding, RENOCF . RENOCF uses an extended map table format and a limited form of dynamic operation fusion. Cycle-level simulation shows that RENO dynamically eliminates (i.e., opti...
Vlad Petric, Tingting Sha, Amir Roth
Added 25 Jun 2010
Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ISCA
Authors Vlad Petric, Tingting Sha, Amir Roth
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