Studying activity patterns in CSCW

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Studying activity patterns in CSCW
We study small distributed work groups capturing, managing, and reusing knowledge in a collaborative activity. We conceive this process as adaptation of a group to an activity and we study it in a realistic semicontrolled setting. We briefly describe our approach, method, preliminary results, and research trajectory. Keywords Activity patterns, knowledge management, CSCW ACM Classification Keywords H.5.3 Group and Organization Interfaces; H.5.m Information Interfaces and Presentation: Miscellaneous Activity-centric approach Recently, researchers working at the intersection between the fields of Management Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction have observed that the shift toward the knowledge economy introduces a greater demand for workers, groups, and organizations to adapt to changing work conditions. There is a growing need for tools that deliberately support adaptation [e.g., 9, 1]. Using an activity-centric approach in CSCW means that the supported activity ? its acto...
Gregorio Convertino, Thomas P. Moran, Barton A. Sm
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CHI
Authors Gregorio Convertino, Thomas P. Moran, Barton A. Smith
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