Time-critical collision detection using an average-case approach

10 years 5 months ago
Time-critical collision detection using an average-case approach
We present a novel, generic framework and algorithm for hierarchical collision detection, which allows an application to balance speed and quality of the collision detection. We pursue an average-case approach that yields a numerical measure of the quality. This can either be specified by the simulation or interaction, or it can help to assess the result of the collision detection in a time-critical system. Conceptually, we consider sets of polygons during traversal and estimate probabilities that there is an intersection among these sets. This can be done efficiently by storing characteristics about the average distribution of the set of polygons with each node in a bounding volume hierarchy (BVH). Consequently, we neither need any polygon intersection tests nor access to any polygons during the collision detection process. Our approach can be applied to virtually any BVH. Therefore, we call a BVH that has been augmented in this way an average-distribution tree or ADB-tree. We have ...
Jan Klein, Gabriel Zachmann
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VRST
Authors Jan Klein, Gabriel Zachmann
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