Tribox bounds for three-dimensional objects

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Tribox bounds for three-dimensional objects
A convexhull H(S)of a 3Dset S is rarely used to accelerateinterferencedetection or as a substitutefor rendering small projection of S,because it typically has too many faces. An axisaligned bounding box B(S)is cheaper to display and more effective at detecting that two distant objects are clearly disjoint, but is a conservative approximation of S. We propose to use a tribox T(S)as a compromise. T(S)is a tighter bound that B(S) and is cheaper to display and to test for interference than H(S). T(S)is the intersection of three bounding boxes formed in three differentcoordinate systems,each obtained by rotating the global coordinate system by 45
A. Crosnier, Jarek Rossignac
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CG
Authors A. Crosnier, Jarek Rossignac
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