UBU Team

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UBU Team
The underlying research topics and the architecture of the UBU team are briefly described. The aim of developing UBU is to subject a series of tools and procedures for agent decision support to a dynamic realtime domain. The current version of the UBU team is written in Java. 1 Background The UBU team first competed in RoboCup98, where it won one game, and lost three [1]. The team being badly tested and not optimised for speed could explain its limited success. Team UBU originally started out in Java, with parts of a team being implemented in 1997. These parts were then partly used in a new implementation, written in C. As an example of design heterogeneity, we decided to keep the Java goalie, however. This was the version competing in RoboCup98, an event from which we learned very much. Investigations made after RoboCup98 showed that multi-threading in C can be most problematic, and a hard decision had to be made. Should we continue the refinements of the team, or put all our exper...
Johan Kummeneje, David Lybäck, Håkan L.
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Johan Kummeneje, David Lybäck, Håkan L. S. Younes, Magnus Boman
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