Visualization, Simulation and Analysis of Reconfigurable Systems

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Visualization, Simulation and Analysis of Reconfigurable Systems
Meta-modeling is well known to define the basic concepts of domain-specific languages in an object-oriented way. Based on graph transformation, an abstract meta-model may be enhanced with information on concrete visualization of objects and relations, and the language syntax is defined by a graph grammar. Moreover, graph transformation can also formalize the semantic aspects of models, thus providing a basis for model validation by simulation. Apart from editing and simulating the behavior of a system, there may be necessary reconfiguration operations which change the underlying system structure at runtime. In this paper, we focus on the interrelation of simulation and reconfiguration operations using formal verification techniques based on graph transformation. Our approach is demonstrated by the definition of a domain-specific language for building, simulating and reconfiguring small railway systems, using the Tiger tool environment. For further verification, we define a model transf...
Claudia Ermel, Karsten Ehrig
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Claudia Ermel, Karsten Ehrig
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