102views more  RAS 2006»
8 years 4 months ago
Direct visual tracking control of remote cellular robots
This paper presents the design of a stable non-linear control system for the remote visual tracking of cellular robots. The robot is controlled through visual feedback based on th...
Ricardo O. Carelli, José Santos-Victor, Fla...
108views more  JFR 2006»
8 years 4 months ago
Learning in a hierarchical control system: 4D/RCS in the DARPA LAGR program
The Defense Applied Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Learning Applied to Ground Vehicles (LAGR) program aims to develop algorithms for autonomous vehicle navigation that learn how...
James S. Albus, Roger Bostelman, Tommy Chang, Tsai...
111views more  IJON 2006»
8 years 4 months ago
Dynamic pruning algorithm for multilayer perceptron based neural control systems
Generalization ability of neural networks is very important and a rule of thumb for good generalization in neural systems is that the smallest system should be used to fit the tra...
Jie Ni, Qing Song
103views more  FGCS 1992»
8 years 5 months ago
Parallel Inference Machine PIM
: There have been no major control problems during the first three years of the new Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen (bullet train) Programmed Route Control (PRC) computer system. Prior to...
Kazuo Taki
8 years 5 months ago
An Integrated Knowledge Based Assembly Control System for Automobile Manufacturing
In this paper a knowledge based assembly control system for automobile manufacturing is presented which has been implemented for the B M W manufacturing facilities in Munich. The ...
Burkhard Freitag, Bernhard Huber, Wolfgang Womann
8 years 5 months ago
Automatically Tuning Control Systems for Simulated Legged Robots
Rather than create a control system from scratch each time we build a new robot creature, we would like to generate control systems automatically. I have implemented an algorithm ...
Robert Ringrose
8 years 5 months ago
Information Envelope and its Information Integrity Implications
: Physical and informational works are strongly interrelated in a business process. This facilitates modeling a business process as an integral part of a closed loop information an...
Vijay V. Mandke, Madhavan K. Nayar, Kamna Malik
8 years 5 months ago
Robot Navigation Using Integrated Retrieval of Behaviors and Routes
RUPART1 is a hybrid robot control system for navigating a real-world, academic building. Hybrid robot control systems provide robust low-level navigation together with strategic p...
Susan Eileen Fox, Peter Anderson-Sprecher
8 years 5 months ago
Hippocampal Contributions to Control: The Third Way
Recent experimental studies have focused on the specialization of different neural structures for different types of instrumental behavior. Recent theoretical work has provided no...
Máté Lengyel, Peter Dayan
8 years 5 months ago
Ideal Based Cyber Security Technical Metrics for Control Systems
Much of the world's critical infrastructure is at risk from attack through electronic networks connected to control systems. Security metrics are important because they provid...
Wayne F. Boyer, Miles A. McQueen