The OpenGL Reference Manual - The Bluebook

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The OpenGL Reference Manual - The Bluebook
"This manual is designed to be used as the companion reference volume to the OpenGL Programming Guide by Jackie Neider, Tom Davis, and Mason Woo (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company). The focus of this Reference Manual is how OpenGL works, while the Programming Guide's focus is how to use OpenGL. For a complete understanding of OpenGL, you need both types of information. Another difference between these two books is that most of the content of this Reference Manual is organized alphabetically, based on the assumption that you know what you don't know and therefore need only to look up a description of a particular command; the Programming Guide is organized like a tutorial—it explains the simpler OpenGL concepts first and builds up to the more complex ones. Although the command descriptions in this manual don't necessarily require you to have read the Programming Guide, your understanding of the intended usage of the commands will be much more complete ...
Dave Shreiner
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Updated 16 Feb 2009
Authors Dave Shreiner
 Chapter 1, "Introduction to OpenGL," provides a brief statement of the major underlying concepts embodied in OpenGL. It uses a high-level block diagram to discuss in conceptual terms all the major stages of processing performed by OpenGL.
Chapter 2, "Overview of Commands and Routines," describes in more detail how input data (in the form of vertices specifying a geometric object or pixels defining an image) is processed and how you can control this processing using the functions that comprise OpenGL. Functions belonging to GLU and GLX are also discussed.
Chapter 3, "Summary of Commands and Routines," lists the OpenGL commands in groups according to what sort of tasks they perform. Full prototypes are given so that you can use this section as a quick reference once you understand what the commands accomplish.
Chapter 4, "Defined Constants and Associated Commands," lists the constants defined in OpenGL and the commands that use them.
Chapter 5, "OpenGL Reference Pages," which forms the bulk of this manual, contains descriptions of each set of related OpenGL commands. (Commands with parameters that differ only in data type are described together, for example.) Each reference page fully describes the relevant parameters, the effect of the commands, and what errors might be generated by using the commands.
Chapter 6, "GLU Reference Pages," contains the reference pages for all the GLU routines.
Chapter 7, "GLX Reference Pages," contains the reference pages for the GLX routines.
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