Accurate detection of very sparse sequence motifs

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Accurate detection of very sparse sequence motifs
Protein sequence alignments are more reliable the shorter the evolutionary distance. Here, we align distantly related proteins using many closely spaced intermediate sequences as stepping stones. Such transitive alignments can be generated between any two proteins in a connected set, whether they are direct or indirect sequence neighbors in the underlying library of pairwise alignments. We have implemented a greedy algorithm, MaxFlow, using a novel consistency score to estimate the relative likelihood of alternative paths of transitive alignment. In contrast to traditional profile models of amino acid preferences, MaxFlow models the probability that two positions are structurally equivalent and retains high information content across large distances in sequence space. Thus, MaxFlow is able to identify sparse and narrow active-site sequence signatures which are embedded in high-entropy sequence segments in the structure based multiple alignment of large diverse enzyme superfamilies. In...
Andreas Heger, Michael Lappe, Liisa Holm
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Updated 03 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Andreas Heger, Michael Lappe, Liisa Holm
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