Analysis of Player Actions in Selected Hockey Game Situations

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Analysis of Player Actions in Selected Hockey Game Situations
We present a proof of concept system to represent and reason about hockey play. The system takes as input player motion trajectory data tracked from game video and supported by knowledge of hockey strategy, game situation and specific player profiles. The raw motion trajectory data consists of space-time point sequences of player position registered to rink coordinates. The raw data is augmented with knowledge of forward/backward skating, possession of the puck and specific player attributes (e.g., shoots left, shoots right). We use a Finite State Machine (FSM) model to represent our total knowledge of given situations and develop evaluation functions for primitive hockey behaviours (e.g., pass, shot). Based on the augmented trajectory data, the FSMs and the evaluation functions, we describe what happened in each identified situation, assess the outcome, estimate when and where key play choices were made, and attempt to predict whether better alternatives were available to achieve...
Fahong Li, Robert J. Woodham
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CRV
Authors Fahong Li, Robert J. Woodham
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