Games for Learning: Are Schools Ready for What's to Come?

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Games for Learning: Are Schools Ready for What's to Come?
Games Studies is still a relatively new field where much basic research remains to be done. This study asks K-12 teachers about their attitudes towards the use of games for teaching, what factors facilitate their use and what barriers exist? Information about attitudes, and what things assist and prevent the adoption of games in the classroom can help identify areas of need for the development of support. Concerns about the state and accessibility of computers in classrooms are known, and may not be addressable by those interested in providing games for learning, bit other factors may be. This study outlines several target areas suitable for further research as well as a few suggestions for approaches that might help in the promotion of games as learning objects. Keywords Games, Attitudes Towards Adoption, Integration of Games
Katrin Becker, Michele Jacobsen
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Katrin Becker, Michele Jacobsen
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