Games, Montage and the First Person Point of View

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Games, Montage and the First Person Point of View
Interactive montage combines the elements of play and visual representation. The analysis of four examples of interactive montage in reference to a first person point of view highlights the importance of control and spatial reference between player-character and virtual environment. Both emerge as conditions for meaningful interactive montage. The resulting visualization style adjusts to the new conditions and refers to but often breaks cinematic rules. A critical view at the value of classic film theory for this style concludes the paper. Keywords montage, cinema, first person, video game, point of view MONTAGE AND GAMES The visual fragmentation of the interactive playground through levels larger than one screen and explorable 3D worlds introduced cinematic elements to games. Framing, mise-en-scene, and montage entered the video game world. Addressing this development, academics examined camera control in virtual worlds [Drucker 1994; He/ Cohen/ Salesin 1996; Tomlinson/ Blumberg/ Nai...
Michael Nitsche
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