A Generic Implementation of Barriers Using Optical Interconnects

4 years 6 months ago
A Generic Implementation of Barriers Using Optical Interconnects
—Barriers have long been recognized as important performance-critical constructs in parallel applications. As a consequence, researchers have proposed fast implementations of barriers in both traditional electrical networks and in nonconventional networks such as optical NoCs. We prove in this paper that current protocols for barriers in optical NoCs are simplistic and cannot be trivially extended to accommodate for normal events that arise in regular operation such as presence of multiple applications, context switches, thread migrations, and variability in the number of active threads. We propose two generic protocols for barriers that can take all such cases into account, are fast, and try to minimize the number of messages sent over the NoC. One of these protocols is a centralized protocol (suitable for less cores), and the other is a distributed protocol, which is scalable. For a suite of standard benchmarks we found the latter to yield a mean speedup of 30.77% over a design tha...
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Year 2016
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