Heterogeneous QoS Resource Manager with Prediction

12 years 3 days ago
Heterogeneous QoS Resource Manager with Prediction
As long as computers continue to get more CPU processing power, data centers need to optimize their power usage. We can do this and maintain the same complexity level as before by using virtualized environments. We can put a large number of small isolated servers, inside a large one and improve a large number of values like the wattage or power consumption, space usage, and resource usage. In this paper, we present a prototype with which we distribute resources between two virtualized servers, one with Tomcat and another with Globus, and both sharing the same host. The prototype is able to maintain the required SLA and QoS using prediction with simulation in real time. Our goal is to demonstrate that we can use simulation to improve resource management decisions.
Ramon Nou, Jordi Torres
Added 17 Aug 2010
Updated 17 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICAS
Authors Ramon Nou, Jordi Torres
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