An Integrated Approach of Learning, Planning, and Execution

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An Integrated Approach of Learning, Planning, and Execution
Agents (hardware or software) that act autonomously in an environment have to be able to integrate three basic behaviors: planning, execution, and learning. This integration is mandatory when the agent has no knowledge about how its actions can affect the environment, how the environment reacts to its actions, or, when the agent does not receive as an explicit input, the goals it must achieve. Without an "a priori" theory, autonomous agents should be able to self-propose goals, set-up plans for achieving the goals according to previously learned models of the agent and the environment, and learn those models from past experiences of successful and failed executions of plans. Planning involves selecting a goal to reach and computing a set of actions that will allow the autonomous agent to achieve the goal. Execution deals with the interaction with the environment by application of planned actions, observation of resulting perceptions, and control of successful achievement of t...
Ramón García-Martínez, Daniel
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Year 2000
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Authors Ramón García-Martínez, Daniel Borrajo
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