LinUCB Applied to Monte-Carlo Tree Search

4 years 11 months ago
LinUCB Applied to Monte-Carlo Tree Search
UCT is a standard method of Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) algorithms, which have been applied to various domains and have achieved remarkable success. This study proposes a family of LinUCT algorithms that incorporate LinUCB into MCTS algorithms. LinUCB is a recently developed method that generalizes past episodes by ridge regression with feature vectors and rewards. LinUCB outperforms UCB1 in contextual multi-armed bandit problems. We introduce a straightforward application of LinUCB, LinUCTPLAIN by substituting UCB1 with LinUCB in UCT. We show that it does not work well owing to the minimax structure of game trees. To better handle such tree structures, we present LinUCTRAVE and LinUCTFP by further incorporating two existing techniques, rapid action value estimation (RAVE) and feature propagation, which recursively propagates the feature vector of a node to that of its parent. Experiments were conducted with a synthetic model, which is an extension of the standard incremental random...
Yusaku Mandai, Tomoyuki Kaneko
Added 28 Mar 2016
Updated 28 Mar 2016
Type Journal
Year 2015
Where ACG
Authors Yusaku Mandai, Tomoyuki Kaneko
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