Microarray-based gene set analysis: a comparison of current methods

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Microarray-based gene set analysis: a comparison of current methods
Background: The analysis of gene sets has become a popular topic in recent times, with researchers attempting to improve the interpretability and reproducibility of their microarray analyses through the inclusion of supplementary biological information. While a number of options for gene set analysis exist, no consensus has yet been reached regarding which methodology performs best, and under what conditions. The goal of this work was to examine the performance characteristics of a collection of existing gene set analysis methods, on both simulated and real microarray data sets. Of particular interest was the potential utility gained through the incorporation of inter-gene correlation into the analysis process. Results: Each of six gene set analysis methods was applied to both simulated and publicly available microarray data sets. Overall, the various methodologies were all found to be better at detecting gene sets that moved from non-active (i.e., genes not expressed) to active state...
Sarah Song, Michael A. Black
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Sarah Song, Michael A. Black
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