Module locking in biochemical synthesis

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Module locking in biochemical synthesis
—We are developing a framework for computation with biochemical reactions with a focus on synthesizing specific logical functionality, a task analogous to technology-independent logic synthesis. Our method synthesizes biochemical reactions that compute output quantities of molecular types as a function of input quantities, either deterministically or probabilistically. An important constraint is the timing, captured in the relative rates of the biochemical reactions: all the outputs of a given phase must be produced before the next phase can begin consuming them as inputs. To achieve this synchronization, the reaction rates must sometimes be separated by orders of magnitude: some much faster than others, some much slower. This might be costly or infeasible given a specific library of biochemical reactions. In this paper, we describe a novel mechanism for locking the computation of biochemical modules – analogous to handshaking mechanisms in asynchronous circuit design. With locki...
Brian Fett, Marc D. Riedel
Added 16 Mar 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Brian Fett, Marc D. Riedel
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