MPC for tracking with optimal closed-loop performance

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MPC for tracking with optimal closed-loop performance
— This paper deals with the tracking problem for constrained linear systems using a model predictive control (MPC) law. As it is well known, MPC provides a control law suitable for regulating a constrained linear system to a given target steady state. Asymptotic stability and constraint fulfilment for any finite prediction horizon is typically ensured by means of a suitable choice of the terminal cost and constraint. However, when the target operating point changes, the feasibility of the controller may be lost and the controller fails to track the reference. Recently, a novel MPC formulation has been proposed to solve this problem, ensuring feasibility and asymptotic convergence to any admissible steady state. On the other hand, this control law can not ensure the local optimality of the proposed controller, which is a desirable property of predictive controllers. In this paper, this controller is extended considering a generalized offset cost function. Sufficient conditions on t...
Antonio Ferramosca, Daniel Limón, Ignacio A
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Updated 29 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CDC
Authors Antonio Ferramosca, Daniel Limón, Ignacio Alvarado, Teodoro Alamo, Eduardo F. Camacho
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