Neptune: Above-Ground Storage Tank Inspection Robot System

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Neptune: Above-Ground Storage Tank Inspection Robot System
act The Neptune system is a mobile robot system used to remotely inspect above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) while immersed in the petroleum product, in order to ascertain from the inside-out the state of corrosion of the floor and side-walls using video and ultrasonics, according to the guidelines laid out by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The robot system allows unmanned entry and sensor data collection in ASTs without the need to empty or clean the tanks nor the required human walk-through inspection which results in a very sparse data set from which the tank's state is statistically extrapolated. The complete system is comprised of (i) a specially designed robot crawler vehicle suitable for classified locations which carries visual and ultrasonic sensors, (ii) a deployment pod atop the tank to lower and retrieve the crawler, (iii) an intank acoustic positioning system to chart and control the location of the robot, and (iv) an external remote control console utilizing c...
Hagen Schempf
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where ICRA
Authors Hagen Schempf
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