Regular Expression Matching in Reconfigurable Hardware

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Regular Expression Matching in Reconfigurable Hardware
In this paper we describe a regular expression pattern matching approach for reconfigurable hardware. Following a Non-deterministic Finite Automata direction, we introduce three new basic building blocks to support constraint repetitions syntaxes more efficiently than previous works. In addition, a number of optimization techniques are employed to reduce the area cost of the designs and maximize performance. Our design methodology is supported by a tool that automatically generates the circuitry for the given regular expressions and outputs Hardware Description Language representations ready for logic synthesis. The proposed approach is evaluated on network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Recent IDS use regular expressions to represent hazardous packet payload contents. They require high-speed packet processing providing a challenging case study for pattern matching using regular expressions. We use a number of IDS rulesets to show that our approach scales well as the number of regu...
Ioannis Sourdis, João Bispo, João M.
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Updated 16 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Ioannis Sourdis, João Bispo, João M. P. Cardoso, Stamatis Vassiliadis
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