Research as Design-Design as Research

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Research as Design-Design as Research
This paper details a research methodology that emerged during an inquiry into game design aimed at promoting conceptual learning in physics. The methodology, Research as DesignDesign as Research (RADDAR), is outlined and a case study example is provided as means to illustrate its application. Keywords game, design, research, methodology, RADDAR DEFINING GAME DESIGN In developing a research approach for game design it would first seem necessary to define ‘game design’ itself. This task, however, is non-trivial as game design appears “a mysterious process” [3] with “as many definitions of it […] as there are designers” [6]. Nevertheless, a working definition of game design can be successfully constructed and utilised. Salen and Zimmerman [12] offer the following definition: [g]ame design is the process by which a game designer creates a game to be encountered by a player from which meaningful play emerges. (italics added) [12] Consequently, game design inquiry aims to ‘d...
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