Splatting indirect illumination

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Splatting indirect illumination
Global illumination provides a visual richness not achievable with the direct illumination models used by most interactive applications. To generate global effects, numerous approximations attempt to reduce global illumination costs to levels feasible in interactive contexts. One such approximation, reflective shadow maps, samples a shadow map to identify secondary light sources whose contributions are splatted into eye-space. This splatting introduces significant overdraw that is usually reduced by artificially shrinking each splat’s radius of influence. This paper introduces a new, multiresolution approach for interactively splatting indirect illumination. Instead of reducing GPU fill rate by reducing splat size, we reduce fill rate by rendering splats into a multi-resolution buffer. This takes advantage of the low-frequency nature of diffuse and glossy indirect lighting, allowing rendering of indirect contributions at low resolution where lighting changes slowly and at high...
Carsten Dachsbacher, Marc Stamminger
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where SI3D
Authors Carsten Dachsbacher, Marc Stamminger
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