Toward Legless Locomotion Control

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Toward Legless Locomotion Control
— Motivated by an error-recovery locomotion problem, we propose a control technique for a complex mechanical system by decomposing the system dynamics into a collection of simplified models. The robot considered, The Rocking and Rolling Robot (RRRobot), is a highcentered round-bodied robot that locomotes on a plane by swinging its legs and rocking on its shell. We identify the elements contributing to locomotion through two steps: 1) decoupling the leg-body rotation dynamics from the body-plane contact kinematics, and 2) decoupling the body rotational dynamics into dynamics along each rotational axis. We show, using simulation, that such decoupling provides a good approximation to RRRobot’s locomotion and use these models to find an approximate control solution for RRRobot: a mapping between planar translation and leg motions.
Ravi Balasubramanian, Alfred A. Rizzi, Matthew T.
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IROS
Authors Ravi Balasubramanian, Alfred A. Rizzi, Matthew T. Mason
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